Answer by R B
None that would be reputable. They may be able to make an educated guess, but you may need lab work as well as a physical exam that could only happen in person, not online.

Answer by Brandy A
Have you been to I know there's a symptom checker available that will help you determine possible reasons for your symptoms.

Answer by muffin1367
You should always go to a Dr for medical questions...that being said, you can go to WebMD and look up symptoms, but not get them by email, just look up the sympstoms by answering questions, and the site will tell you what it could be. There of course is a disclaimer.

Answer by not again
that would be like haveing open surgey (do it yourself) over the phone...

Answer by sins
Try webmd.

Answer by harley w

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Orignal From: is there a website where I can state my symptoms and get a diagnosis by email?